Greebo Brokentooth

He's Mean, He's Green, and He'll probably bite your Kneecaps off. And take your Gold.


Height : 3ft

Eye Colour : Yellow

Skin Colour : Green

Main Features : Slightly Bat-Like pointed ears – A mouth full of Sharp, Jagged Teeth

Secondary Features : Sharp Fingernails – Slight Twitch – Currently Bandaged around the Stomach Area

Weapons of Choice – Dual Wield Daggers

Alignment – Chaotic Neutral


Greebo had a good life. All the things A goblin could want. Money, the Backing of the Undercrag war-bosses and all the Contracts he would ever need to live a comfortable, Bloodstained life. Until the Battle of Black-scar Pass. He does not speak of It, and does not believe any of his war band Survived.

During the Slaughter of the Undercrag Goblin war band by the Dwarves of Bloodstone, after a bloody battle, the Undercrag Warband was down to it’s last, cornered in the final dark corridors of their mountain home. Greebo snuck away knowing that his Clan would not survive. He now Travels in search of a new Clan, a new purpose, Swearing that one day, He would bring down the Bloodstone Throng, and Avenge his Green skin Brothers.

Until then, He uses his skills as a Sneak thief and Throat Slicer to survive, moving from Tavern to Tavern, Job to Job, never staying in one place for long.

His Favourite place on a Battlefield is usually far away from it. Preferring to get his targets in the Dark, or While asleep. He can put up a fight, just Prefers not to.

Greebo Brokentooth

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