Orc Barbarian. Nice until he Rages.



2h War Axe

Frenzy/Rage (the foaming at the mouth feel no pain, sees red and just wants to wreck face one).


His tribe don’t really worship a god or a Pantheon of gods, but pretty much worship nature and the land.

There were a few bad harvests so as resources started to dwindle Braum and a few others who could survive alone left the tribe for the good of the village.

Braum is trying to make his fortune to go back and be able to trade with the nearest city in case of future poor harvests.

Braum is a good fighter, but volunteered as one of the warriors to leave as he knew the tribe would be left with stronger warriors to protect them and he has enough of a head on his shoulders to not start an argument over nothing and get himself arrested or killed. Unless they set off his Rage.

Braum has been working as Caravan security mainly, done odd jobs here and there as a farm hand when he had to. He just wants to make money and go home. He’s currently considering taking a job with the town guard, it seems like easy money for dumb muscle and generally seems to be honest work.

Braum’s alignment is Neutral Good. He should be lawful good, but the occasional Barbarian Rage incident has dropped him from that.

Someone was a bit orcist in a pub and he tried to leave it, he really did. Then they pushed him. Everyone laughed and they’re dead now.

A few ruffians were in an alleyway and had cornered a woman. They died.


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